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Industrial Propane

Do you need propane system services to check your gas line pressure, detect leaks or repair damaged line/lines? Do you need new gas line installed? Propane Delivery Spokane provides trusted services at Ohio Gas Propane and more cities.

No matter what your propane needs are Linden’s Propane Inc. can help. From checking your residential propane system to leaks to installing commercial propane tanks, and industrial propane we do it all.

Propane Delivery Wellington

Linden’s Propane provides residential, commercial and agricultural propane service to more than 7,000 customers in a nine-county area west of Cleveland including Propane Distributor Spokane. With an extensive fleet of service and delivery trucks, Linden’s has approximately 20 well-trained and certified employees who serve their customers from its headquarters in Wellington and a satellite facility in West Salem.

To promote the importance of breast cancer awareness and detection, the company has “wrapped” one of its propane delivery trucks ‘bobtail’ in pink & white to support its partnership with ABCF. Linden’s Propane has pledged its commitment to ABCF by donating a portion of the proceeds from every gallon of propane delivered from its newly logoed delivery truck.


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