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Propane Delivery Service

More and more companies are opting for propane for a wide range of applications, including auto propane gas, lawn care equipment, forklift trucks, ground service equipment, and heat and power generators. Propane provides cost savings, reliability and performance and reduces environmental impact. Propane costs less than gasoline and diesel fuel and current government tax incentives can further reduce costs.

Propane Delivery is an all-in-one package for maximum energy efficiency, performance and comfort. And it is good for the environment and economical. According to the Propane Education & Research Council, furnaces and furnaces propane emit 30 percent less CO2 than electric units and consumers can save an average of $ 80 to $ 120 per year.

  • Propane is the ideal energy source for Cooking appliances, Clothes dryers, Fireplaces, Furnaces, Space heaters, Water heaters.
  • Residential Propane Service is an excellent source of energy for the home inside and out. This source of pure energy burning offers uncompromising convenience and value. Homeowners can expect the environment, low-carbon fuels to meet their energy needs, even when the network is down.
  • Propane Services can also be very useful for outdoor activities. Just as it does inside the home, propane can add comfort to outdoor living. Propane can provide energy for Firepits, Grills, Lighting, Pools and spas, Space heaters.
  • Propane is also very useful and safe for as Propane powered standby generators are permanently installed and automatically restore power without harming electronics appliances. These generators are also a good main energy source for homes in remote locations.
  • Lawn care & landscape industry is also using ohio gas propane for the mowing and across the country, homeowners are discovering the advantages of mowing with a propane powered mower. There are many benefits, including lower costs, proven performance, lower fuel emissions, easy, no gasoline spill, plentiful supply.

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CHS is committed to promoting safety for all propane users. We ask our retail customers to prioritize security, so we offer programs to inject security into the daily thinking of their employees. Propane Delivery Service also offer innovative solutions that help sellers and their customers manage the costs of propane price fluctuations. Propane is the fuel for over 60 million Americans. Utilizing this non-toxic energy helps to protect the emissions and the environment. As propane gas evaporates the gas the danger of large amounts of liquid or waste to the environment after the leak is removed


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