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Propane Gas Furnaces

Propane furnaces heat your air warmer than electric heating systems. Electrical heaters produce heat that is lower than body temperature, which is why air feels cooler coming out of an electrical heater. Propane heaters produce heated air at about 120 degrees F and run for short time segments to lower operating expenses.

Propane quickly warms and comforts you:

  • Heating a home with gas costs half as much on average than heating with electricity.
  • Propane-fueled furnaces last 15-20 years that’s 5-10 years longer than electric heat pumps, on average.
  • Propane heating systems through Propane Company can be vented vertically or horizontally, eliminating the need for chimneys.
  • New propane gas furnaces are smaller than previous models and provide greater placement flexibility.
  • Propane can keep your home warm and comfortable during electrical power outages.
  • According to The Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, fireplaces and other hearth products are found in 65% of today’s homes.

Industrial Propane Service

Here are some good reasons to consider propane over a traditional fireplace:

Traditional fireplaces use dampers, which need to be open while a fire is burning. This causes much of your heat to escape. Directly vented gas inserts have a sealed heating chamber that reduces the quantity of heat that is wasted as it is sucked outside.

With a Propane Delivery, all of your heat radiates to your room. Direct vents use every bit of combustible air from outside your home.

Gas inserts will, in many cases, improve the indoor air quality in your home. Wood burning fireplaces have a tendency to increase allergens and particulate, but Propane Company has solved this issue with advance furnace ventilation systems

  • A flick of a wall switch or remote control device easily turns off your propane fireplace without the worry of any leftover embers still burning.
  • With a propane fireplace, there is no mess of dirty ashes or wood debris to clean.
    Choose from a Variety of Hot Options.
  • Propane fireplaces can be installed as freestanding units, wall insets, traditional masonry, or ultra-contemporary designs.
  • They can be equipped with a variety of options, including push-button ignition, remote control, variable heat controls and thermostats.
  • Propane fireplaces can also be equipped with built-in dampers, smoke shelves, and heat circulating features to provide both radiant and convective heat.

Linden’s Propane Company are licensed and insured for your protection. Our staff is made up of highly qualified people with great work ethic and attention to detail screen. This is combined with affordable propane prices spokane, is what sets us apart from the competition. If you have any questions about our propane services, please contact us at 877-458-5523. Our friendly and attentive staff will be able to assist you with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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