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How & why chose a propane company

It may be challenging to select the “right” Propane Company for your propane needs. Whether you use propane for your grill, firepit, to turn on your appliances or to heat your home, you earn a supplier that offers reliable service and significant value to all customers. First, you need to evaluate the prices and reliability of local vendors to become comfortable with your choice. Compare the following items when selecting the best Propane Company for you.

  • Evaluate the quality of products and services offered by local propane suppliers by evaluating customer feedback.
  • You will learn that suppliers are better suited to customers than others.
  • Compare plans to find the most reasonable, fair pricing programs that fit your budget.
  • Determine the delivery options that provide local service to find the most efficient delivery schedule.

Services Offered by Propane Company

You want to review the products and services offered by top propane company in your area. Getting familiar with the service and product menu that your local ohio propane providers offer is an important step in your choice of the best option. Here are some common services and products typically offered by propane company in ohio.

Propane Company Ohio

Propane Services:

  • Propane delivery and fill-up
  • Emergency service and repairs
  • Install indoor & outdoor appliances
  • Buy or rent propane equipment, including propane storage tanks

Products Use Propane:

  • Home heating
  • Home hot water
  • Generators, so you’ll never be without power

In all cases, read your written propane supplier Propane Delivery agreement. You and your supplier must be on the same page with your insight into the products and / or services they will provide. Consider not only prices but delivery and service obligations that you and your supplier have agreed. This part is probably the most important part, whether your provider is “cheap” or not, will not matter if they do not deliver on a cold winter evening. Find a provider that offers not only reliable service, but automatically deliver if applicable.

  • Make sure you ask if the suppliers you are considering have one of these costs and compare the prices among different propane companies.
  • Ask if they have a fee for installing and setting up a new tank? What are the monthly rent or rental costs, if you do not own your own tank?
  • Ask if there are minimum monthly purchase requirements? If the answer is yes, do you meet the minimum? If not, what are your options?
  • Make sure you ask about your future Propane Delivery, is there a cost for propane supplies? Or is there a fee for transporting propane fuel? These costs, when the suppliers charge them, usually relate to the quantity and volume (gallons) of propane fuel you need for supplies.

Ask if there are any costs for decoupling and / or tank removal, if you change suppliers or fuel type? You must understand that many propane companies have staff costs for service closeouts and the removal of propane tanks without the ability to keep ongoing cash flow from sooner former active customers.

Propane Service Hours

Responsibility is an essential part of your evaluation of propane suppliers, because if you need propane services, you usually need it. As part of your analysis, ask these questions to a minimum.

  • Do you offer customer service 24 hours a day? You are probably aware that most of the problems are out of the ordinary workdays with most systems of any type. Propane service is no different than most other fuel systems.
  • Will I reach a live customer service representative (CSR) when I call regardless of time?
  • Does the propane supplier provide after emergency services? What service constraints, if any, for emergencies such as gas leakage, heating system repair, hot water systems and generator repairs? By definition, emergency situations rarely put on hold until the next business day.

Established in 1958, Linden’s Propane provides propane service to residential, commercial, and agricultural customers in North Central Ohio. The company has an extensive fleet of service and delivery trucks and its employees are dedicated to providing exceptional service to their growing customer base.


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