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Propane Delivery seem simple, but propane customers sometimes have questions about the delivery process. These questions are routinely asked of propane gas distributors and have common explanation of laws, LP gas demand and physics.

Why my tank percentage dropped so quickly?

This is a frequent question asked immediately after delivery or sometimes a few days later. Propane tank is partially or completely full, the suction valve is always used during the delivery process. It is responsibility of the delivery driver to note the the final rate on the fuel card after delivery, which is often 80%, if the tank is filled, to write. Even if the face meter reads 75% after delivery, the deposit of 80% by weight, because the suction valve to the actual level of liquid propane (above 80%) indicating in the tank, not the face (Dial). Propane Companies fulfill this target to satisfy their customer. See Meter Float and Solid Liquid Level Gauge for detailed information on these two propane meters.

Propane Delivery Services Ohio

Another example that seems to confuse consumers of propane gas, means that the volume of the propane tank after an delivery by propane suppliers, usually the hottest part of the day to follow. When, during the hottest parts of the day being made from propane deliveries, the gas has already been expanded before it is supplied in the tank and allows the 80% meter followed after a refill. Inspecting the tank to the next meter tomorrow can show a significant percentage drop (at 5%), even if no gas is used! This does not necessarily mean an escape. More likely than not, the volume of liquid propane in the tank in the refrigerator overnight entered the night.

Why was I there during my tank spraying episode?

You can find the propane near me and during the propane supply, the liquid fluid meter, also called an open valve the bleeder, was opened as required under legislation. The driver did not accidentally tank the gas. This valve accurately indicates the level of liquid in the propane tank and allow the delivery driver to know when the filling process has to stop. The image at the top of this page shows the intercept valve that is active in the propane supply. See fixed liquid level indicator for a better understanding of its use in the propane delivery process.


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